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ABC About You Questions :

A - AVAILABLE: No. Yes. Maybe. More than likely. It's possible that I am. There's also the possibility that I am not.

B - BIRTHDAY: October 13, 1987 (I'm satan's spawn haha)

C - CRUSHING ON: Crush is such a childish word, but it's Aoi (obviously).



F - FAVORITE SONGS: "The Invisible Wall", "Taion", "Red", "Naraku" - all by the GazettE.

H - HOMETOWN: Tokyo, Japan

I - IN LOVE WITH: Inna. It's too hard not to love her. But the true love of my life is Michael, my first everything ♥

J - JUGGLE: If I were this skilled, I'd be juggling eye balls for a living.

K - KILLED SOMEONE: So, apparently I look like a murderer? What a kind thing to say.

L - LONGEST CAR RIDE: Not sure exactly how long it was, but it was close to 24 hours (from NY to Florida).


N - NUMBER OF SIBLINGS: Two (2), an older brother and sister.

O - ONE WISH: Get laid by Aoi. Just joking...okay, maybe not.

P - PERSON YOU CALLED LAST: The last person I called...Michael. Want to know what we talked about as well?

R- REASON TO SMILE: Because you're most beautiful when you smile, so never frown!

S - SONG YOU LAST HEARD: "Naraku" by the GazettE.

T - TIME YOU WOKE UP: 4PM. That's what happens when you let Inna come over, you end up going to bed at 5am.

U - UNDERWEAR COLOR: Black baby, the most sexiest color ever.

V - VEGETABLE(S): Not too fond of veggies but I love carrots, string beans, onion, brocolli.

W - WORST HABIT: Oversleep.

X - X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD: Ten or more.

Y - YOYOS ARE: Great to swing at unexpecting people :)

Z - ZODIAC SIGN: ♎ Libra - 風 Air element, 卯 Rabbit - 木 Wood element.
*note: The air symbol is in japanese, the rabbit and wood symbols are chinese. To read more about the Japanese philosophy go here.

Random Questions About You:

Spell your name without vowels: It wouldn't even be a name silly.

Your favorite number: 1 (always first), 4, 8028

What color/s do you wear most?: Black, white, red.

Least favorite color?: Pink and yellow, end of story.

What are you listening to?: "Naraku" by the GazettE, it's on repeat.

Are you happy with your life right now?: Of course I am.

What is your favorite class in school?: English and Science.

Who is your best friend?: Inna

Are you outgoing?: Yes, I would say I am.

Favorite pair of shoes?: Anything from PinUp Girl Clothing. They have amazing shoes!

Can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth?: I am not that talented with tongue :)

Can you whistle?: Yes

Write with both hands?: Nope.

Cross your eyes?: Um, what?

Walk with your toes curled?: What the fuck?

The Do's:

Do you believe there is life on other planets?: Not really.

Do you believe in miracles?: Yes

Do you believe in magic?: Haha, of course I do silly!

Love at first sight?: Yes

Do you believe in Satan?: I believe that evil does exist, not in the form of the devil or demons, but in the form of humanity.

Do you like roller coasters?: Oh hell no.

Do you think you could handle the stuff they eat on those reality shows?: As in? Because there are many delicious things they have on reality shows.

The Haves:

Have you ever asked someone out?: Yes I have. Nothing to be ashamed of.

Have you ever been asked out by someone?: Obviously...numerous times. Now, another thing would be me accepting it, which is mostly never.

Have you ever been to the ocean?: Yes. It's beautiful.

Have you ever painted your nails?: I always paint my nails, usually black because I'm cool like that.

The What's:

What is the temperature outside?: Fucking freezing cold.

What radio station do you listen to?: None, that's what iPods and YouTube are for.

What was the last restaurant you ate at?: I don't even remember the name of the place I went to here in Japan, but I'll tell you my favorite restaurants: Kabuki and Ninja New York.

What was the last thing you bought?: Food.

What was the last thing on TV you watched?: Women Who Kill

The Who's:

Who was the last person you IM'd?: Aya

Who was the last person you took a picture of?: Sexy Inna sleeping in her sexy undies, haha.

Who was the last person you said "I love you" to?: Inna

Ever really cried your heart out?: There's always a time when this happens...

Ever cried yourself to sleep?: Yeah, many times...especially after the separation from my ex husband.

Ever cried on your friend's shoulder?: That's why I love my friends: Inna, Aya, Reyna, and Narsha. Thank you for always being there for me.

Ever cried over the opposite sex?: My ex husband, Michael.

Do you cry when you get an injury?: Depends what type of injury it is.

Do certain songs make you cry?: Yes, of course. I can name a few - "Taion" by the GazettE, "The Last Song I'm Wasting On You"/"Like You"/"Lithium"/"Missing" by Evanescence, "Cold Heritage"/"Shallow Life"/"Wide Awake" by Lacuna Coil, "Sober" by P!nk, "Neorago (It's You)" by Super Junior, "She Don't Want The World" by 3 Doors Down.

Currently Wearing:

What shirt are you wearing?: This awesome 1940's pinup tee.

Shoes?: None

Necklaces?: Ankh

Underwear?: Well, if you must insist this is what I am wearing.

In A Boy:

Favorite eye color: Brown, black, light colors, doesn't matter. Actually these are the most perfect eyes ever.

Short or long hair: Like this, or like this, or like this.

Height: Taller than me.

Have You Ever:

Been to jail: No.

Thought about suicide: Reila...

Thrown up in a store: Fuck yes, it was funny too -_-

Done something really stupid that you still laugh about: Yeah, get married. Seriously, what.
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