Dec. 28th, 2010

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So, I should probably start by introducing myself? Maybe write up a little bit on me and stuff, but honestly I don't feel like it. I'm way too tired and lazy anyways. I will say that my name is Ga-In (please don't call me Gain, like the detergent?). I'm 23 years old, female (obviously) and I spend my time between the USA and Japan. Yes, I am American-Japanese. I love art, writing, music, reading, video games, and what not. I enjoy writing fanfics and poetry. Art is my passion. I adore my guitar and music owns my soul. This is just a tiny piece of info about your host. I'll probably write a whole lot more soon.

Well, I am going to sleep. It's really late and cold. My head hurts, my nose is stuffed, I think I'm getting an awesome cold.

Yes, I am obsessed with the GazettE (especially Aoi), deal with it :)
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I finally got my profile done, so if you want to read more about me then check out the user info page. Took me a while to write it because I really dislike HTML and anything that just looks like a crossword puzzle rather than a normal paragraph. But enough complaining, there it is, have fun reading, ask anything if you'd like!

Went out with my best friend Inna today. We had one hell of a good time, just walking around and checking out the stores (by the way, I am not in New York right now, I am in Japan with my family). We decided on creating crafts like tote bags and stuff, then sell them online. More than likely on Etsy. We like messing around with fabrics and whatnot, just experimenting with things. But yeah, we got tons of colorful yarn, threads, felt fabric and of course, the tote bags. Inna suggested we make Nintendo themed bags, I think it's a great idea since we're both great fans of Nintendo (Kirby is ftw!).

Oh and I saw videos on the storm back in New York. Jesus hell, what on earth was that supposed to be?! And that one mad man at the tow truck who decided it was a great idea to plow into people's cars. I love the mayor's reaction too. Dumb dipstick. I hope everyone is well over there, that nothing tragic happened. I'm kind of glad to not be over there. Mean but, I hate blizzards.

It's great to be home right now. I absolutely adore being close to my family and friends. And yes, I will drag Inna back to NY with me, whether she likes it or not :)


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